Style guide – what to wear?

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September 12, 2017

Style guide – what to wear?

With Spring in the air the only question is What to Wear???

Shopping for the right pair of men’s underwear can often be a daunting task for most guys – especially when you are unsure of which cut to choose and what style of fabric and fit will suit you best. With the warmer season coming along the tendency is for most guys, to move away from trunks and boxers and be a bit more daring to try some new styles like jocks and thongs or briefs?

At Malebooth menswear we offer our clients the whole range of underwear, swimwear and gymwear tailor-made to fit your body shape and activity level. No matter what age or preference we will get you in the best items for Spring and Summer!

Here’s a quick look guide at some of our best sellers in the Andrew Christian range of underwear.

  1. Briefs:

    Nothing is more synonymous with undies as a sexy pair of men’s briefs! Comfortable, sassy and always in fashion every guy needs a hot pair of briefs in his wardrobe. The newest trend with briefs is introducing mesh fabrics and lighter cotton-lycra or modal fabric.
    Lace, lycra and even latex look and feel fabrics are coming in for spring this year with the focus on men feeling strong, sexy and in control.The emphasis on cup shaping and package enhancement has also taken on a much stronger part in these modern designs, by adding pouch contouring and stitch darting we now see briefs have a defined and extra bold visual effect. These designs can be seen in the styling below:


  2. Trunks:

    Trunks, square cuts or even boxer briefs will always hold a special place in any cupboard, especially popular in the international arena trunks come in every variety and colour play imaginable. Some trunks even have features like fly openings, glute definition stitching and added pouch support.The way in which leg webbing (elastic) is used is changing too, moving away from loose fitting trunks to a more tight form fitting boxer brief style as indicated below:

  3. Jocks and thongs:

    Jocks and thongs are still a fairly modern concept to our South African market, with an enormous growth in demand… these sexy little numbers are the perfect addition to any gym kit and make for super comfy wear all day long. Soft, breathable and hot like summer they are a must if you haven’t tried them already.Thongs or more commonly referred to as G-strings are making a big breakthrough with attention to softer string fabrics and more vibrancy in the colour combinations:

So which is your fav style? Drop us a comment below or if you need any more info, mail us at:

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